Testimonial – Humberside Fire & Rescue Service

Dave Collingwood, Humberside FRS

Dave Collingwood – Head of Training for Fire – Humberside Fire & Rescue Service

We started out using pdrPro almost two decades ago, and added learnPro a few years ago now. With the creation of the LearnPro group, it brought new impetus and direction to where we are going with all three products – pdrPro, learnPro and XVR Simulation. We have a better understanding for how we can use them going forward. The support teams are also very visible, we know exactly who to go to if we have an issue or questions.

Using pdrPro is definitely compatible with the national operational guidance and national operational training framework that we are all looking to meet. We had realised we needed a competence recording system that meets all the national standards, and we did that with the help of pdrPro. We made that happen, and we like to think we’re a bit of a forerunner in that respect. The software is now really embedded in our service, and all our firefighters know how to use it. It’s really easy to apply, so it’s an important part of our training systems. It’s also agile enough that we can bend it in the direction we need it to. As we have been redesigning how we use these products, pdrPro in particular, we have received a tremendous amount of support from you. Whenever we had an issue, we have either found a way around it together or you have developed the product to suit our needs. The service has really been excellent.

We added XVR Simulation to our training systems about 5 years ago. We started out using it for incident command trainings only, but we quickly realised it can do so much more. Ever since the pandemic, we use it for remote training and assessment of particularly our on-call fire stations in rural areas. It means these people and fire appliances are more available, and we reduce our carbon footprint by not having everyone come into the training centre.

We know it’s important for fire services to meet the national operational guidance and national operational training framework, and we have been able to do that with the way we are implementing these products.


LearnPro Group announces new CEO

7 September 2022 – Delft, The Netherlands; Farnborough, England and Edinburgh, Scotland:

LearnPro Group, the global leader in virtual reality and e-learning solutions for the health, fire, police and other emergency services is pleased to announce the appointment of Costi Karayannis as CEO, effective 3 October 2022.

Karayannis joins from Capita PLC, where he led Capita Learning and he has held leadership roles in the learning and training divisions of V-Ships and Babcock International, bringing extensive experience in learning and training solutions for private and public sector organisations.

As part of a planned transition, Christine Blaydon and Stewart Walters, co-founders of learnPro LMS and pdrPro, will be retiring from their current roles. Joost Beerthuis will move from CEO to become Senior Advisor, supporting Karayannis with strategic initiatives.

Commenting on his appointment, Karayannis highlighted “With over 400 customers in 50 countries and more than 400,000 emergency service and health care staff using our software, our solution is critical to the safety and training of healthcare and emergency service staff who make a real difference to the communities they work in.”

Beerthuis added “The combination of XVR, learnPro LMS and pdrPro to form LearnPro Group created an exciting platform to provide a range of critical solutions to first responders and incident commanders across the globe. Costi’s background and experience will help deliver our growth plans.”

LearnPro Group was formed in 2021 through the combination of XVR, learnPro LMS and pdrPro, supported with investment from Apiary Capital.

Karayannis at the Northern Ireland Schools ICT Excellence Awards 2022


About LearnPro Group
LearnPro Group is the global leader in virtual reality and e-learning solutions for the health, fire, police and other emergency services. The combined software suite made up of learnPro, pdrPro and XVR provides a platform for learning management, authoring, competency reporting and training, including an immersive virtual reality simulation training platform. The suite of products is used by leading public sector institutions to train and manage over 400,000 emergency service and health care staff each year.

With offices in England, Scotland and the Netherlands, LearnPro Group has 400+ clients across 50 countries.

About Apiary Capital LLP
Apiary Capital is a UK private equity firm investing in the education, healthcare, financial, business and technology services sectors. The firm seeks to back platform companies in attractive market segments and supports management teams to accelerate growth through roll-ups, roll-outs, and strategic acquisitions. Apiary Capital closed its first fund at £200 million in June 2018 and typically invests in businesses valued between £10 million and £75 million.


Renewed and expanded ISO 27001: 2013 certification

In June 2022 the LearnPro EFire Service Ltd (LPEFS), part of the LearnPro Group, was issued a renewed and expanded ISO 27001: 2013 certificate. From this date, our competency management recording software (pdrPro) and our e-learning software as a service (learnPro), are not only certified for the fire services, but also for the health and social care services.

The certification is a confirmation that our way of working guarantees reduced risk of security breaches, while potential breakthroughs are identified easier and quicker. The response therefore can be faster and more efficient, thus mitigating any potential damages.

For our customers, this means that we not only handle their information with the highest level of integrity and security, but also in the unlikely case that something unwanted is happening we are equipped, prepared and capable to mitigate the potential damage.

ISO 27001: 2013 states requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS) on protecting crucial information assets. Complying with this ISO standard is the first step to showing that you want to deal with Information Security professionally. The next step is certification, a step that LPEFS was willing to take. After a thorough audit by independent Information Security experts from QMS Ltd, LPEFS was issued the official ISO 27001: 2013 certificate.

This certificate shows that we have implemented and are maintaining a thorough Information Security Management System to protect our and the customers’ data, based on risk assessments, policies and processes, pre-planned responses and continuous improvements towards information security.

Part of the certification is an annual audit from an independent certification body to guarantee a structural high quality of Information Security.

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